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Ben Wyss is an electronic musician and sound designer from the San Francisco Bay Area.

His electronic music project Sixis establishes a distinct aesthetic, blending powerful bass, vivid soundscapes, and cutting edge sound design. Each track exhibits a strong attention to detail and quality at every level of the production process. Sixis has toured extensively in the US and  internationally, playing festivals such as Symbiosis Eclipse, Tipper and Friends, Earth Frequency, Infrasound and Sonic Bloom.
As a sound designer Wyss has produced content for companies such as Output and Twisted Tools. Working closely with clients to achieve the desired aesthetic and quality.


Scoring and arrangement focused on modern electronic music.
Preset Design
Adding usability and highlighting what makes the application unique.
Sound Design
Cutting edge audio for any application.
Allowing individual sounds or entire tracks to sound their very best.
BA Music Technology
The Evergreen State College
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